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Jessica Goldstein, a 21- year-old student from Miami University, USA, has been in Chiang Mai since January this year as one of the exchange students of USAC Program. Jessica and her friends will study at Chiang Mai University (CMU) for 4 months. Let’s listen to her views about her life at CMU, what has she learned from this experience, and fellow students!!

“I am currently studying at CMU through a program called USAC. I chose Thailand as my study abroad destination because it seemed like a lovely place with beautiful scenery, lots of activities, and friendly people. I did not look into what school I would go to at first, but I am so happy I ended up at Chiang Mai University. At this school, I have been able to take various and interesting classes that I am learning a lot from, and would never have gotten to take if I didn’t come here.  For example, I am really enjoying my World Economics, Thai Language, and Thai Cooking classes. I will definitely take what I’ve learned from these classes back home.

One of my favorite things about this school, is the opportunity to meet other Thai students. We have the opportunity to join clubs and do joint activities that has helped me make more Thai friends, and has contributed to me feeling very welcome here. I am excited to stay here for the rest of the semester, and I will surely miss it when I leave!”

USAC students are exchange students currently studying abroad at CMU. They are mostly here to attend classes, and experience Thai culture firsthand, but are making their time very worthwhile by experiencing as much as possible before its time to go home. These students spend their time here studying, visiting new places, and making new friends. Though they are just here for a semester, they are here to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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