Introducing CMU's New Faculty : Faculty of Public Health


Faculty of Public Health : A brand new faculty of Chiang Mai University

Chiang Mai University (CMU) celebrates 60 years offering public health programs from across the disciplines of health sciences resulting in more than 300 alumni with a master in public health serving communities throughout the region. Since 1990, Chiang Mai University has offered, with the rationale for academic development in the areas of public health, a high education degree “Master of Public Health (MPH) program”, together with the “Master of Public Health in Global One Health program” as international programs under the Graduate School.  In April, 2017 a commitment to the health of communities in Thailand and across the globe resulted in the formation of a brand new Faculty of Public Health (PH) bringing together master of public health programs under one academic home. Then the MPH program was transferred from the Graduate school to the Faculty of Public Health on July 31, 2017 at 11.11am.

Dean Suwat Chariyalertsak, MD., Dr.PH (The foundation Dean) and staff have been busy establishing relationships and revitalizing curriculum for public health. The PH program aims to offer students the opportunity to play a leadership role in public health policy and practice. PH collaborates with Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and all other faculties in the health sciences to offer the international Master of Public Health (iMPH) in Global One Health. The 2-year program provides students with a strong grounding in the fundamental principles and practice of public health and the one health approach, integrating human, animal, and environmental factors affecting the health of populations.

The iMPH is suitable for both clinical and non-clinical professionals who aspire to be leaders in public health in their own countries or at an international level. This program is designed specifically for those who wish to work at the interface of policy making and management.  The flexible modular structure allows the program to meet a wide range of student needs and interests, and to tailor learning to particular areas of public health. 

Two programs are now available;

  1. Master of Public Health
  • Special program (Thai): Saturday-Sunday
  • Regular program (English): Monday-Friday

      2. Master of Public Health in Global One Health (International program)

  • Single degree from PH-CMU
  • Double degree from PH-CMU and School of Public Health, University of Minnesota (SPH-UMN)

The program begins by introducing key issues in global public health, one health core competencies, communication skills, risk analysis, assessment of health needs, prevention and control strategies and epidemiology.  Alongside these units, students will take the introductory research methods unit, providing the basis for a research thesis or independent study project conducted later in the program. 

In addition to the CMU campus iMPH a unique one of a kind opportunity is offered by the PH as a double degree program in collaboration with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health (SPH-UMN), a top 10, U.S. CEPH accredited Master of Public Health program.  The iMPH students who desire the double degree participate in online courses offered by SPH-UMN in addition to elective course work, field applied practice experiences and thesis or independent study projects at CMU. The students have both a UMN and CMU advisor expanding their professional network not only throughout the ASEAN region but in the U.S.

The aim of these programs is to prepare students to meet global challenges for the health of populations and communities in a global context.  Learning objectives include:

1. Demonstrate understanding of public health issues focusing on a one heath approach that includes a cross-disciplinary and cross border perspective

2. Assess global drivers of reform in health systems and influence their potential impacts on future public health policy directions in both developed and developing countries

3. Systematically assess and evaluate health needs of populations using a one health approach and apply the research process to the study of public health

In addition to the iMPH options a Thai MPH is offered in a flexible weekend format allowing working professionals to expand their knowledge and skill in public health. A wide range of professionals can participate in all of these public health program options, including human physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, health care managers, social scientists and others. MPH (in English) program is also an option for those who are able to apply to the regular MPH offered on the weekdays.

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